TrueRate is an investment sales brokerage that specializes in the disposition of large multi-family assets nationwide. TrueRate is funded by the founders of Olive Tree Holdings, a well-capitalized, data-driven private equity firm. With an unrivaled access to technology and data driven tools, TrueRate provides pinpointed property analyses that serve as the baseline for achieving maximal prices for our exclusive clients.




  • Data Dictates Value - Through our data-driven tools and concepts, used to build a $1b+ national multifamily portfolio, we are able to pinpoint the most accurate baseline of value to market your property
  • Formulaic Approach – We are underwriting deals exactly how buyers are: taking into account comps, normalized NOI’s, realistic future views on capital expenditures, and closing costs
  • Competition – Unrivaled leading-edge technology will aid in generating the highest number of qualified buyers and ultimately the highest achievable price.
maximize value with truerate


  • Identification - Targeting the most active buyers over the past 12 months on both the local and national levels
  • Organized Marketing Campaigns - Leveraging both buyers who have stated investment strategies specific to each opportunity, as well as the harder to find secondary and tertiary layers of investors.
  • Asking the Right Questions - Ensuring legitimacy of buyers and their offers
Certainty of Close with TrueRate


  • Created by Owner/Operators - TrueRate solves common frustrations experienced with the traditional sales process, including a lack of speed and efficiency
  • Time Saving Strategies - Traditional brokerages often take months from signing a listing agreement to real market activity. With TrueRate's access to the necessary market data to correctly frame the acquisition opportunity, that time is truncated significantly.
  • Alignment of Interests - TrueRate operates on a tiered commission structure that promotes a common goal of achieving the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time
Top Speed of Transaction by TrueRate


"Sam carefully guided us through a profitable transaction at a time where there were a great deal of unknowns in the market. Our expectations were managed professionally, yet he successfully exceeded those expectations with his negotiating skills and particular access to data that gave us an edge. Looking back, Sam earned our trust and our follow up business because his advice has the rare integrity we are all scanning for."

- Matteo C.

"...the data analysis methods they use along with this understanding of the market enabled them to know exactly at what price the property should be listed at. Their extensive database of potential buyers and marketing techniques produced significant interest allowing the best deal possible. The real value, however, is the professionalism that Sam brings to the table. We were extremely impressed with their extensive knowledge, communication skills, efficiency and their ability to provide service on a personal level that I feel is unparalleled in the industry..."

- Anthony G

"....Sam provided a clarity and honesty hard to find in the competitive real estate world...They put together a comprehensive, organized and very clear portfolio reflecting all the variables that would be considered in the sale...Along with that they had a pool of buyers ready to "seal the deal." It was very impressive...We have nothing but high praise for Sam Finkler's team."

- Tony O

"...I was compelled to share my experience with your company and the awesome job Sam did representing us in this venture...Sam's knowledge of the neighborhood and his experience in selling multi unit buildings like mine seemed like a good bet. Sam had reassured us that even under these COVID times, he could sell our building. Throughout the process, Sam never pressured us to lean toward one buyer or another, detailing each offer and their terms and letting us choose. We settled on an offer that was above our asking price, and are happy to have had a good relationship and profitable experience. I would not hesitate to use Sam again if I were to sell my other properties. They made this a truly wonderful and amazing experience for us and we are grateful for their performance."

- Dominick C.

"My property was recently sold by Samuel Finkler. I am more than satisfied and happy with their personalization and great negotiation skills throughout the entire process. Sam truly went out of his way to work with me from list to the close. He communicated with me on a bi-weekly or sometimes on a weekly basis, to give updates on market changes and always sent follow up emails on prospective buyers. If you want honesty, and great salesmanship, go with Sam. My experience was without a doubt exceptional."

- Agnes S.