How It Works

The commercial lending process has remained unchanged for decades, but with recent innovations in technology and the introduction of a new marketplace — TrueRate — it’s clear that there’s a better way to do business. 

The end result for multifamily borrowers: a simple, transparent and efficient tool that creates a competitive bidding process, resulting in optimal terms for both deal parties.

Technology can bring the commercial mortgage lending process into the 21st century. By removing ambiguity and streamlining outdated, inefficient processes, a more transparent marketplace can prosper, and both lenders and borrowers can be better positioned for the best possible outcomes. 

Looking for a loan to finance your next project? Sign up with TrueRate for a uniform deal submission experience. 

TrueRate streamlines the commercial financing process. Powered by user-friendly technology, backed by lender experience and built by borrowers for borrowers, TrueRate facilitates a more efficient, transparent and competitive bidding process that results in optimal loan terms.

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